Sports physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists are experts in treating and preventing sports injuries at all levels. We assess, diagnose and treat anything from acute injuries to chronic niggles.

Recovery from acute sports injury starts immediately. We will progress your recovery from the initial manual therapy phase through to sport specific rehabilitation, ensuring that you are able to return to your chosen sport without risk of re-injury.

We will look at your biomechanics and help you to get the most out of your sport. Rehabilitation can involve one to one sessions in our dedicated gym area, or in one of our classes – pilates or lower limb rehab, or in the hydrotherapy pool.

We work closely with sports doctors, orthopaedic consultants and podiatrists and will refer you on to the appropriate person if needed.

Our Physios are trained in kinesiology taping. We are also a preferred partner for the Ossur knee braces and fit and supply CTi and Unloader braces.

Whatever your level of sport we aim to get you back on your feet quickly, safely and relatively painlessly.

This is provided as general information only and is not intended to be relied upon as medical advice.