Pilates promotes flexibility while improving core strength and dynamic control. It is mindful exercise and requires you to tune in to your body.  It has evolved from the days of Joe Pilates who developed the practice around the time of WW1. Elements of gymnastics, yoga and dance were drawn on to form the basis of Pilates. It has been used for strengthening and for rehabilitation by ballerinas for many years, and gradually has become more mainstream - now being practised by many elite athletes.

Your physiotherapist will adapt these exercises to meet your specific needs. You can book a 1:1 session, or attend group sessions. Classes can serve varied needs and abilities including less mobile, following joint replacement, and high level sports people.

Classes are small and tailored to the individuals that attend. Before attending a class you will need a one to one assessment to help assess your movement patterns, establish your goals and work out the best way forward with Pilates for you.

We currently have limited spaces in our classes, please call to check availability. If your preferred class time is unavailable, leave your details with our reception and we will get you into a class as soon as we can.

Pilates Timetable

MondayPhysio-Led Pilates (lunchtimes and evenings)
TuesdayPhysio-Led Pilates (lunchtimes and evenings)
WednesdayMainstream Pilates (lunchtime -Int-Adv) + Physio-Led Pilates (evening)
ThursdayPhysio-Led Pilates (lunchtime only)
Friday1:1 Reformer Pilates (morning only)