About us

We are a collective of highly experienced physiotherapists, and our goal is to bring you the best in physical health management.

Our expertise lies in physical assessment and diagnosis of musculoskeletal conditions, manual (hands-on) therapy and various forms of rehabilitation.

Following a comprehensive assessment, you will be provided with a diagnosis and explanation of findings, and the outline of a treatment plan. This will be based on research and clinical experience, and tailored to your individual requirements. We have longstanding relationships with specialist musculoskeletal consultants allowing rapid onward referral for further opinion if required.

We work with you to guide you back to optimal mobility, strength, fitness and beyond to your chosen activities or sport.

Stride clinic offers a comfortable, relaxed and friendly environment. Putting you at ease is important to us - we understand the impact an injury can have on your emotions and general wellbeing.

We strive to be a centre of excellence where you find the very best of care and support to achieve your goal.